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Infrastructure with affordable electricity, modern vendors, and 24/7 tech support by professionals


  • Turnkey mining

    Mining hotels with low-cost electricity, tech and legal support, as well as transparent analysis.

    How to host
    • $0.055KW/h

    • 24/7support

  • Equipment sales

    Select the perfect hardware to fit all your needs, with hosting in our data centers or timely shipment to a required address.

    How to buy
    • Canaan
    • Whatsminer
    • Bitmain

About us

We have been operating since 2017, and today we mine over 4% of the world's bitcoins

We have already mined
38,000 BTC

  • 9 data centers with a total capacity of 350 MW
  • more than 2.5 hectares of protected premises
  • 280 electrical engineers, technicians, and network specialists

24/7 customer support
and operational
equipment servicing

  • 5 service centers around the world
  • сertification from the largest equipment makers

Online monitoring and remote control

  • real-time data and automated invoicing
  • special ticket system to communicate with technical specialists

Online monitoring system


Mining hotels

We host your equipment in a transparent and clear manner

  • We deliver it carefully and wire it up correctly and quickly.
  • We are constantly monitoring performance and efficiency.
  • We provide electricity at $0.055 per kilowatt.
  • Should anything happen, we provide swift and quality repairs.

How to check in

  1. Contact

    We’ll estimate the delivery and pick a plan that suits your budget.

  2. Prepare your

    Have your equipment ready for pick up and we'll do the rest. If you buy equipment from us we take care of the transportation ourselves.

  3. Start

    We’ll carefully check how the equipment works, and install your hardware. You will then control the mining remotely.

Contact us

Infrastructure with affordable electricity, modern vendors, and 24/7 tech support by professionals

Equipment sales

We sell modern, brand-name mining

How to buy

  • Contact us

    We’ll help you to choose the right equipment to fit both your budget and needs from our catalog

  • We’ll do the shipping

    To either our data centers or wherever you wish.

  • Start mining

    We install your hardware and service it 24/7. You can control it remotely using our monitoring system.

In the event your equipment needs repairing, our services will take care of it quickly and provide you with a guarantee about the result.


Whatsminer M50 118 TH/s


Country of origin: China

  • Energy consumption3422
  • W/Th29
  • Hashrate118
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Global offices
and data centers:

  • Now

    • Norway
    • Kazakhstan
    • UAE
  • 2023

    • United States
    • Oman
  • 2024

    • Sweden
    • Kuwait

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